Sticker Eyes

Sticker eyes
Resting in the labels
Ensuring they meet our flippant needs

One promises joy, the next kills weeds
Adhesive backed fables
Sticker eyes

Sticker eyes
Reading for our able
Marketing their version of our creed

Buy this, buy that, minds stuck in force feed
Corralled in our stables
Sticker eyes

Sticker eyes
Present choice disabled
Our discernment to them we concede

Responsibility now is freed
False truth we enable
Sticker Eyes

Written and contributed to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics hosted by the wonderful Victoria Ceretto-Slotto
follow this great group on Twitter @dversepoets

This piece is written in my own Hyper-Thrice Form

Image my own taken and art’d up a bit as I wrote this piece in the park today. Thank you Victoria for the pop-art inspiration!


27 thoughts on “Sticker Eyes”

  1. Another unique form–your mind is extremely fertile, C Rose, and things seem to grow rampantly there. I couldn’t agree more with the message so deftly presented here either–to me it doesn’t get any more commercialized or manipulative than Pop Art.

  2. Love this You should be writing the stickers lol this is just great You are always a source of inspiration sweet C.Rose for me Your poetry is truly a voice to be reckoned with :)) always Beez

  3. this is hot rose…love the repitition of sticker eyes in each stanza…false truth we enabled is a great encompassing line…i was going to quote a fave stanza but was too hard to choose…your flows tight…i like…

  4. love the disabled choice and the repetition works so well…gives the piece a somehow haunting if we are robbed of all our possibilities to choose – and in a way – we sometimes are..good piece rose

  5. Sticker eyes, how they pull the wool over our eyes. Save us the bother in many things, so why not? Brilliant verse!


  6. Thank you for the kind words my friends, really enjoyed writing this piece. It calls to be for a spoken recording, hope to add that layer to this soon. Again my thanks for your time and comments always appreciate it! ~ Rose

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