Blended Identity

Housing circus tent canvas
Embodying all the clowns
Pointing out oversized flaws
Trading time in metaphors
Affixed on needless battles
Paradox of hating self
Arrives a summed conclusion
Risibility gets clean
Accepting bend of seven
Pieces will make up the whole
Affected by denial
Partitioned by grand design
Shamed of our natural curve
Hinged by the ringmaster’s call
Indigo painted faces
Nounally we stick labels
On the surface of our dreams
Kindle for three-ring fires
Hanging out of big top seams

This piece written and contributed to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night
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I was fascinated reading recently of The Law of Seven, a.k.a Heptaparapapshinokh. Seven when looked as a blend of 3 (spiritual number) and 4 (material number) seemed to ring true to so many of the Yin Yang philosophies I embrace. What we look at as our negative is still part of self and must be loved for our enlightenment. This piece is an acrostic based on the name Heptaparapapshinokh with some additional homage by holding to 7 syllable lines, perhaps we’ll call this one a Septa Form. My thanks to the group at dVerse Poets Pub for all they do for poetry.


36 thoughts on “Blended Identity”

  1. ha you know i was looking at it with all the caps and thinking are there any words in this that can be an acrostic…never would have guessed that one….i like the circus tent imagery…partitioned by grand design…you make great allusions to the spiritual realm…

  2. Wow! You really took a challenge with this one tying in that h-word as an acrostic and the 7-syllable thing. I’m so glad you wrote this and your process notes made it even more effective.

  3. This must have been an incredibly difficult form to follow…… seven syllables per line…… totally amazing….. I’m not into the whole yin-yang thing or eastern philosophies, but I do know that in early biblical times the number seven was seen as the equivalent to perfection. Still today you might hear the phrase “Seventh Heaven,” seen as a reward for the highest possible love and affection of God. With the mixture of physical with spiritual I’d say the number seven is probably a universal form of some higher accord, or perfection….. Nice poem Rose……

  4. Interesting work. I especially appreciated your explication, where you spoke about the special qualities of 3s and 4s and the yin/yang wholeness of everything. So many seem to have fallen into the error of mutually-destructive dualities! Darkness is essential to the light…

    Thanks for the intriguing acrostic.

  5. a very interesting piece. I like the way you used the circus as a backdrop for you exploration of “seven-ness” (way easier to say than the h-word). I don’t know enough about this “seven-ness” it seems to figure out if there is something behind four being missing. both three and seven made it into the poem…was 4 left out for a reason? were you only exploring the spiritual side here?

    very nice poem.

  6. Wow. my first attempt to critique an acrostic!
    Oh my gosh!
    Well, I’ll give it a try –
    Heck! first, this is a good poem.
    Else, I’m a blithering dolt.
    Poetry written with circus
    Tents of canvas
    All tied to the deep number 7.
    Risibility getting clean kinda throws me off (dirty jokes are funny too).
    And your use of seven syllabic lines, I can’t do.
    Perhaps my favorite is cleaning up laughter
    And the partition of this poem’s structure of design.
    Psychic traces in the Law of Seven,
    Seven, an unusual number.
    Help me if I carry away with myself, but
    I really am liking this number.
    Now, labels and dreams
    Kareem all over in mystical
    Haunting design.
    Or I’ll be an
    Onkle to a

    Good poem…thanks for sharing and allowing me to be so silly.

  7. My thanks for all your comments and times. I found this to be quite a challenge and am still not sure where the circus influence came from that day and I am glad it did. Again my gratitude for your time and words! ~ Rose

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