Buy, Sell, Trade

Seeking their edits
The color of green so calls
Attained their credit

Not enough flash
The color of green so calls
Got to make that cash

Forsaking their needs
The color of green so calls
Trading soul in greed

Written and contributed to Form For All – Haiku over at dVerse Poets Pub
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24 thoughts on “Buy, Sell, Trade”

  1. I like these political/ethical/societal shafts, Rose. Very pointed and resonates well, particularly your recurring line.

  2. Tasha’s right, a potent clutch of poems, Rose. Reading your tiny gems each day, I wondered how you could choose from so many cool writes to post. Easy, you wrote new ones! Great work!

  3. Think all of these qualify as senryu for me. The color of green so calls alone could be read on so many levels that I wondered if it was a phrase in finance with its own “moneyed’ meaning, but then I saw the humor and irony in it. That repeating phrase amped up each successive poem (stanza) imbuing the whole with more than the separate units. Well done!

  4. Gee, this is good. Having worked in the field, I can empathize & sympathize. a harsh poem it hurts the soul…it has affected me, which is what a good poem is supposed to do. damn good poem.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you my friends, this one I had been kicking around for a bit and was glad to have Haiku/Senryu as the form this week to finally shake it out of me. I like to call this style of haiku, stacked haiku because pf the 3 sets with a common center line. Appreciate your time and comments, I have been a bit behind on reading this week but have you all bookmarked and am making my way through! My best ~ Rose

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