The Human Squander

Time for progress,
that doesn’t include you.
Do you mind telling the land,
that we are killing it too?

You see, its nothing personal,
you may even make a little money in time.
It’s hard to look merciful
when you sit there and cry.

These tears I shed are not for me.
A water you do not control

These tears I shed are for we.
A vision of what we are to behold.  

“Pack yo’ shit” ~ Prose by Brother John the unspoken son

Hey there chief, ’bout time to be movin’ on, don’t ya think? You stand in the way of a supreme authority. Wipe your tears and proceed northeast. I give you credit for lastin’ this long though. You’ve done your ancestors proud homes, but you’ve you had your fun and its done. Time to live in a city with the rest of the bums.

Recently Brazilian leadership moved forward on plans to develop a large and costly dam that would do an immense amount of damage to the local population and ecosystems along the Xingu River. A judge has recently put a stop order in the matter protecting these lands and people for a short time longer, an appeal is likely and the future still unknown. As with all things the use of dams has two sides of an argument. I speak to this moment and ask this, once we see the impacts to life from an engineering conquest can we accept the priority of  life and adapt our conquest?

Thank you to our lovely hostesses Sheila Moore and Kellie Elmore for hosting this weeks Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub
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13 thoughts on “The Human Squander”

  1. I live in central Brazil and have seen first hand what happens when a dam is built and a floresta flooded. I am also living next to where they have been doing a slash and burn deforestation for a year. There are no words to describe the destruction of both, including a forest fire that spread onto our land, which is a game preservation, almost burning my home. To read about these things is one thing, to live in the middle of it is another. Good that you write about it…and beautifully I might add. We must join our voices and shout, “No more can we accept the unacceptable!” Thank you. hugs, pat

  2. We are going to bring about our own demise in one way or another before too much time has passed.
    Emotional write from you on a deeply heartfelt and, disturbing global problem too. sometimes progress isn’t always a good thing.

  3. This photo broke my heart the first time I saw it…now, with your added piece, my heart breaks again. One thing to make mistakes…but MY gods, we eventually have to learn! Ignorance can’t be counted as bliss when the veil has been forced for so long.

  4. so important to stand up and speak of this, at first I thought of the Indian’s plight when America was settled by the pilgrams.- yet another sad atrocity. Well written, thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Wonderful socio-political commentary in this write. The first portion could have easily been attributed to the plight of so many, Lakota, Dakota, Zuni, Hopi, et al, from the early settlement years, that I was surprised (but not) to read this was the plight of indigenous people in Brazil.. Mother Earth does cry, too ~

  6. That picture is so tragic. I shared it on Facebook with ‘FUCK YOU, BRAZILIAN PRESIDENT’. Thankfully a judge overturned the decision a few hours later. So good.. for now. I realise you are encompassing more than this issue. I’m so with you on this shit

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