The Seeker

On empty
the search for full
The anxious seeker
finds ease in the tethers

Buy this now
includes free spirit
The callow seeker
no questions for the letters

Weighted down
in lesson and ornament
The eyeless seeker
still waiting for the betters

This piece for contribution to Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub
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This piece received the Perfect Poets Award by Jingle Poetry
My thanks to this great group of poets

24 thoughts on “The Seeker”

  1. hmm…the ‘anxious’ seeker’ , the ‘callow’ & the ‘eyeless’ seeker .. ‘on empty the search for full’ ..this for me, reflects with a wonderful clarity, that which is sought outside, resides truly inside…lovely Rose…

  2. A sense of depletion is definitely apparent here. Really enjoyed the manner which you illustrated it, Buy this now- great cause to the effect line right there. and that weighing down does make you numb a bit if not blind altogether. Thanks for the read

  3. The shortcut may work fine on the physical journey, but on the spiritual, it’s usually a loop leading nowhere. Well said, and the refrain like quality of the ‘seeker’ phrase works really well to underline your point.

  4. “Buy this now
    includes free spirit
    The callow seeker
    no questions for the letters”

    I have to say this middle stanza really made the piece for me. Short, sweet, and deep – your words ever stir, as few can achieve, Rose.

  5. Where do you find what we seek..and how do we find it..Each of us chooses consciously or unconsciously, the way, the means. .There is much depth here packed into a small space..that in itself is a clue. A really fine piece of work here!

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