Plain Sight

Stare down
The layered path
its bulbous folds
Spinning back around
what I have seen before
Amplified in its measure
same point of the circle returns
Defeated by my expectations
minds rap eagerly sends me to square one
Then in a single moment I become
aware of the most simple treasure
This cycle a change to viewpoint
same shadows different light
Trust in knowledge from last
lesson of the gyre
Carry forward
in love with
Plain sight

This piece contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub and Poetry Picnic Week 10
Follow these great groups on Twitter @dversepoets and @JinglePoetry

I didn’t have the time to get an Etheree together for FormForAll at dVerse last week
with Gay Cannon, but enjoy the form and decided to use it as inspiration this week. Thank you Gay for the great discussion on Etheree, Shape and Concrete Forms!

I also wanted to take a moment to give my thanks to all the poets and readers that take part in so many of the various online poetic avenues in this community. You always give such inspiration and motivation! Time has been a whirlwind for me lately and I give my apologies for any poems I may have missed in reading. As all things settle, my time to linger in your words will return more frequently.   Thank you for all the support and time you have given my work, I sit grateful ~ Rose


25 thoughts on “Plain Sight”

  1. Really nice job here. Love the mind raps…line as for the meaning, and also the point as a pivot within the image itself. Thanks for the read:)

  2. plain sight eyes are cool,

    cute shape, love your word flow.

    Thanks for the tag, especially the tag to JP twitter account,

    you rock the world, girl,


  3. The slightest change in the cycle, that shift of view – it may be all that’s required to open eyes, and free the spirit. “Same shadows, different light” – sometimes that’s enough.


  4. Absolutely stunning and it was a great pleasure to hear you read this Miss Rose! Your cadence of its song is just magical………

  5. Reminds me of how you look at a street, look again one minute later and it’s different. Different mind set, different street, different views. Wonderful write!

  6. I missed this one too 😦 Gay did a wonderful job…I’ll get there though! Thought this a wonderful write….as I always do, but the shape gave it even more depth and power. Bravo!

  7. As always, you do form and make it seem free–a lovely verse, and the message of sincerity and stripping down to ‘plain sight’ is never wasted.

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