The Words

I feel the words
begin in my heart
that’s when
I know to start

I feel the words
when thoughts scatter
that’s when
I know they matter

I hear the words
deep within
my triangle eyes






I hear the words
in each
new breath
of the next step

Until finally
they become
a choreographed
explosion of my sum

This piece contributed to this weeks Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub and the Rally over at Jingle Poetry 
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37 thoughts on “The Words”

  1. I hear them from within,without and then I know I have to shout…

    Wonderful expression here. I found this to be a very personal poem, exposing you a little more with each line.

  2. This is great Rose, such lovely structure, form & patterning, a beguiling simplicity hiding a deeper craft, so that it flows within an effortless seam…

    ‘Until finally
    they become
    a choreographed
    explosion of my sum’


  3. wishes on your nano journey…it can be a beast….nice roll to your words tonight…it captures that creative process…i like that you find words in each breath…very true…

  4. Yup. That’s how it goes. You describe well…the ladder, the feeing in the heart, that certain excitement that the writer knows so well. Thanks for sharing, Rose. And good luck on the 50,000 words… I could not face it! Power to you!

  5. Oh my God – this is so good for so many reasons. Beginning with heart – the passion for the story in it, and following that: feelings to intuitive knowling – to sound and then “triangle eyes” Wow, I wish I wrote that;
    This poem danced with the light feet of a faery and it’s simple, clear message of how I write a poem in six steps… And every step resonated with truth – this is SO good. ” Explosion of my SUM” – brilliant, just absolutely brilliant.

  6. Dear C Rose

    I agree with you … you need to feel it.. as I was attending the Hindu Lit Festival where Zac O’yeah, took us through the process of writing… where he says, that every one has a story to tell… and that is within us.. all the time, but the time to say it comes only when you have that feeling associated with it .. growing… (here is a link where thoughts from his workshop I have posted… have a look specially look for the software for writers… its a great tool)

    thanks for sharing this one…I liked it, very beautifully done.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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