into you
stranger in a land
of interlacing fingers
caught by your open hands

out of blank
sculptors of the glyph
carving our image
a newly tangled lith

onto a path
dual planes squared
meshing sinew soles
our traversing steps paired

Contributed to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub
follow this great group on Twitter @dversepoets


15 thoughts on “Fallen”

  1. Not just a romantic swoon, but a journey…and one that utilizes interesting doses of more…ah, what’s the word…archaic images to paint an even more dream-like quality to it. By archaic, of course, I mean things like the glyphs…great mind you have. Love to see it working through your poetry, Rose.

  2. wonderful read. However, I’m glad we are not opposing debaters! I’d need a dictionary. I needed one now. That’s not a criticism–it’s GOOD. these are everyday words I should know.

    Each Discipline utilizes its own language, I’m thinking artists, musicians, Football Players–grin!
    AND poets!!!

    I love comeing here Should do it more often!

  3. nice rose…there is a great dance to your words…i particularly like the opening stanza as it grabbed me and made me want to read on…nice cadence…

  4. Every time I read one of your poems, rose, I have to go back and read it again because the thoughts it begins need to be savored in a replay. This is no exception–I’ve read that sinewed soles line three times now. Very satisfying.

  5. Had me hook line and sinker…you always do! Another fantastic weave, CRose! Some great play with language and imagery in particular, and like Hedge…the sinewed soles…potent stuff Poet!

  6. There is no wrong side to your tapestry. Always a master of the poetry loom. And you did it again here. Lovely and original!

  7. I managed to read yesterday, but had little time to stop and pause a moment. Thankfully, a little more time today to come back and enjoy for a second time 😉

    Does this form have a name at all? I am pretty sure I have not read anything like it before. I guess this is another one I will have to go away and try for myself.

    A beautiful piece of wordplay that I am glad I got to read again.

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