wandering wonder
facing me, facing me

wondering wander
discovering my chirality

wandering wonder
matching my sides

 wondering wander
a mirrored divide

wandering wonder
barrier of union

wondering wander
opposite conclusions

wandering wonder
dark to light reality

wondering wander
for both my potentiality

Contributed to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub
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Chiral – adj. – chemistry – (of a molecule) not superimposable on its mirror image.

further defined as Chirality:

Throughout the biological world, in all living things, there are molecules which have a right- and a left-hand form. The two forms are like a person’s right and left hands — almost identical, only reversed. They are mirror images, but they aren’t superimposable.

34 thoughts on “Chiral”

  1. New word for me to discover, thanks for that.

    Once understanding the word, it made this piece make sense. The first time I read it I was left scratching my head. Second time it made more sense 😉

  2. I wondered, then wandered through a life here. My life. Where I could never see who i really was. (Rather didn’t wish to see?)

    Powerful thoughts here, realizations. I find myself reflectin on non-reflective surfaces.

    And I leared a new word…meaning.

    Thank you, C.Rose!

  3. I too had to look up the word, love discovering words I’ve never seen used before! This is a fabulous piece of prose. The repetition helps to establish the mood and create a wonderful imagery. Great stuff!

  4. philosophical (metaphysical poem) done quite neatly, covering both sides of the issue ; )

    I like the play with words in this piece and the stimulating questions it poses.

    great thinking piece. and well done.

    thank you….I TRULY enjoyed this (I myself do a lot of metaphysical poems).

  5. I love the reptition. The greats used it well. You do likewise in this piece. This is smart poetry and reflects true talent. It was a pleasure to read. Will try to post more comments going forward unto tomorrow. Take care my friend, take care (notice that repetition?)

  6. Thank you everyone for the comments on this piece. I am glad that it drew so many to our good friend, dictionary. I love poetry for the amazing reflections that can come from one word, when I first heard Chiral and its companion word Chirality I knew there was an opportunity for something in poetry. Glad it has connected, my gratitude for your time and support! ~ Rose

  7. fabulous piece…smiles.
    Hope that you have had a great Merry Christmas.
    Happy New Year.
    Share a piece of your poetry today at our poetry party today, 1 to 3 random poems are welcome in general, old ones are okay.
    hope to see you in.
    Have fun!
    Sending you love and blessings.

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