Climbing Helix

the mystery of out
same in turn, moves not forward but up

with every bend lessons closeup
mind’s circle turns about

each pass recycles doubt
standing in pointed spin not enough

see the pattern and fill the cup
choosing the ladder’s route

circled trap spirals out
erasing all that stands in the bluff

unraveled chords write the song of trust
once heard, never without

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
follow this great group on Twitter @dversepoets

Written in my own Hyper-Thrice form

This piece was honored with The Perfect Poets Award by my great friends at Poets Rally


18 thoughts on “Climbing Helix”

  1. unraveled chords write the song of trust
    once heard, never without

    nice close rose…and like this form…may have to give it a try…the middle stanzas carried much familiarity for me…

    1. my thanks Brian, cool to think of your words in the form, glad to know it has an appeal. Really appreciate all the support you have been for me this year, my friend…all my best to you and yours this coming year! ~ Rose

  2. This is so simple,so intrinsically revolving its own sining thoughts, it really is almost a visual as well as verbal spiral. The last lines leave a sense of peace and creation. Enjoyed it much, rose.

  3. Really nice piece. Love the helix design and form. Some really neat lines here as well, love the last stanza, really nice. Thanks

  4. My thanks to everyone for your time and comments, I really like that this form settled so well for this piece. I intend to do some spoken word versions of this and a few others in the coming month! Thanks for all your support my friends, has been a special and precious year to be part of this community! My best and love to you all for the new year! ~ Rose

  5. Rose, the words move themselves! The simplicity is fantastic, allowing them to weave and flow. I always leave your words inspired…and here’s to even more of that in 2012~Hoping you enjoyed a fantastic holiday 🙂

  6. I’ve read this out loud to myself, and what’s really clever is that even then the care you’ve put into the shaping of this piece shows through. I hope you do a spoken version of this. Great stuff.

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