with each passing
carried souls splash
fingers through the next

crossed through rippled
inertia, experiencing
the came and went

walking the circumstance
of perforated borders
our particles dissect

Inspired by the topic of ‘borders’ that was discussed with all the great poets over at dVerse Poets Pub Poetics hosted by the wonderful Claudia Shoenfeld. I didn’t have a chance to participate but the prompt was still a great inspiration.

Contributed to Open Link Night follow this great group on Twitter @dversepoets


25 thoughts on “Passing”

  1. Thanks for posting this tonight–that borders prompt was an excellent one(*tips hat to Ms. Claudia*) and has produced a lot of good poems, but this is one of my favorites, for the mood of floating merge and diverge, the splashing fingers, trailing through the cosmic embryonic fluid–loved it, c rose.

  2. When you think about how old the universe and life is, our own lifetimes of three score years and ten, isn’t much at all is it? So, I guess we have to try and make it mean something while we’re here. Lovely imagery in this.

  3. My thanks for the kind words friends, really loved this prompt and connecting it to the thought of these odd borders we try to maintain instead of just the adaptation to co-exist. As always, I appreciate your time with my words! ~ Rose

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