unclaimed thoughts
accruing interest
sorting the box of misled notions

sifting out scattered, mixed emotions
reducing the simplest
unclaimed thoughts

unclaimed thoughts
choosing itinerant
listening to varied promotions

intoxicated by their potion
my sot deliberate
unclaimed thoughts

unclaimed thoughts
ideas disparate
found the lost of going through motions

sorting the box of  misled notions
accruing interest
unclaimed thoughts

Written in my own Hyper-Thrice Form

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
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13 thoughts on “Unclaimed”

  1. I realize it is “fun work” to create poetry, especially if you know what you’/re doing–and you certainly DOOO, C Rose!

    I can have fun on the violin, doing thigs I’d never attempted before–I don’t mean technique type stuff, but …yeah, FORM! Been playing around with jazz.

    I appreciate so much your work, and have to satisfy myself (writing) just getting something on paper which fits the page…–grin!


  2. Love the notion of unclaimed thoughts, and admire the structure of it…the first and last stanzas enclosing the middle. Very nice write, Rose!

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