Eye Watch

Eye watch as you
rationally investigate
my meaning

Eye took time and grew
as you principled
your systems

Eye express in pure
the truth of your
practical affairs

Eye witness as you
lose guidance
in philosophical dreaming

This piece inspired and written for Poetics with the great group at dVerse Poets Pub hosted by Charles Miller a discussion of philosophy and poetry. Thank you for the wonderful prompt!


5 thoughts on “Eye Watch”

  1. The interaction of eye (I?) and world coming to be as it perceives and perhaps as it is perceived, captures a wonderful ambiguity about humans. We often only relate to what we see and it becomes us. There’s the Cartesian eye that somehow sits distanced from life passing judgment upon all that is. Howevet, I think your embodied Eye(I) has a real relationship to what is. Some critique the sight-centric nature of western world-view. Is the irony at the end perhaps a critique of this as well? Lovely writing, so concise and clear of voice. You’ve packed a lot into words, so my comments, a wonderful poetic job that you have accomplished so well.

  2. nice..i like the word play on eye…each stanza is like a statement…and we often visually learn by watching our parents and other elders as we grow into who we will become…

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