The Story

My veins the guided pen,
pulsing blood the flowing ink.

Author of my currents,
carving epithelial hieroglyphics.

The biography of my biology written,
editor of each my uniquely told prints.

Pressed in bound intentions,
rewriting the story as I see.

Lately on my journey, as reflected in my words these last few weeks,  I’ve been influenced by the intense study of Anatomy and Physiology for an upcoming exam in my path as a healer, but also the reading of the work and words of Caroline Myss, PH.D. who is a wonderfully articulate and talented medical intuitive.  She believes, as do I, that we have a story-teller position with our anatomy, a way of communicating with and influencing our chemistry. The “biography of our biology” as she puts it in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit” is a basic understanding we must come to within ourselves to truly walk healthfully in all aspects of our lives. You have no idea how immense your power is, use it well.

I also wanted to quickly thank you for the support and remarks on my words here, I have been intensely studying for an upcoming exam to move to my next phase as an intuitive healer and apologize for any lack of comments, I have not been able to stop and enjoy poetry with you as mush as I wanted and I hope you know how truly I appreciate this community of poets and the support and inspiration you have provided!

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18 thoughts on “The Story”

  1. Thank you for this ~ I really understand the body as storyteller ~ sometimes I am more “poetic” in person than I can be on paper…looking forward to more, hopefully, from you on this 😉 ~ Deirdre

  2. a storyteller position in our biology…i like this though…as i know we pen our own story so it is only a leap to our own chemistry…i need to look into this a bit more…

  3. The body as a storyteller..good for you! Best of luck in your upcoming exams, Rose. Unique and thought provoking write!

  4. Nicely written analogy, intuition and empathy rooted holistically, storytelling as an echo of a life as it is lived, a centered being speaking as the Self, the poem raised lots of connections for me -I’ve not heard of intuitive healing before…thanks for writing!

  5. best of luck with your Exams …..loved this, mine has a kind of medical theme to it too ,,( different tho ) thanks so much for sharing wishing you all you wish for the future x

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