Trapped in the bladed grass
running from one
green side to the next

Caught in the knots
twisting each moment
into storied nets

Bent by the bends
of the lost cheese
hiding behind dead ends

Lost in the cost
of keeping up
with the material joneses

Stop and drop
the weighted bear
walk the patient enmesh

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub


18 thoughts on “Trammel”

  1. This one has a ropelike weave to it, each stanza a strand that braids into the next. As always, we give the rope its purpose, to rescue or choke–as always, your words throw out a lifeline.

  2. Took away the grass is always greener aspect, no matter how green our patch is, always looking for another. And those jonses can be a pain to keep up with, so one shouldn’t bother.

  3. trapped and tangled in the grass, caught bent this way and that . . . like a poet lost in blades of words . . . but you have your way with words and in the end we have your poem. great stuff

  4. The last two stanzas says it all for me, though the entire weave is an interesting and original one. Lovely, Rose, as usual :))

  5. I really like the stitching, weaving, knotting, netting … and the cheese that was moved (lost!) and that even the patience itself is another kind of weaving, an enmesh (evokes the quality of trapped in the waiting).

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