on the stilts
through our
mess of clotted

on the crutch
of kept thoughts
turned coddled

in the things
taking away
our open hearted

with the blinders
of beaten path
our truth departed

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub


17 thoughts on “Spotted”

  1. wow, you have a way with words–or i should say, you have YOUR way with words. I really love what you do with rhymes and near rhymes and even with rhymes of placement–the second line of stanza one ends with “stilts.” In the second stanza the second line ends with “crouch.” A wonderful rhyme of meaning. I’d love to hear you bring back the soundcloud for this one!

  2. The spots seem to be able to suck away at one, that is just no fun. The flow you brought forth is great, those blinders need to come off at some point, sadly many don’t seem to take them off though.

  3. this is a screwdriver of a write – it turns in to me as i read ; an odd sensation but i like it lol
    seriously the scheme really gives it a mind turn which is great tisting into something memorable

    a sensation maker 🙂

  4. This is a funky little weave Rose! Absolutely love the sound of the words outloud…fantastic talent are you! (But we DID know that already!) Loved this one huge tho…might have to lay claim to a new favorite

  5. Love the rhyme scheme here, the use of repetition of spotted being fed so to speak by clotted, coddled, departed works so well. Great job. Thanks

  6. This is a poem with a mind of its own. It insists on being heard…with the beginning of each stanza. Percussive, interesting…and very polished. Like it alot. 🙂

  7. C. Rose. You still move me, inspire and leave me in awe. I wish I could really write, like this. Such a touch and voice.

    our truth departed
    off the beaten path
    with the blinders

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway you read it 🙂

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