It is in…

It is in my pied eyed skies
that the perchance seems to hide

It is in the dance of the two footed jump
that impetuous leaves me scarred and bumped

It is in this spin that I take the biggest risk of all
and choose to watch patiently as love falls

It is in my lap resting as only an infant can
helpless to the gravity of this untreaded land

It is in these hands that I hold the all of you
watching as each of our petals start to bloom

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub

28 thoughts on “It is in…”

  1. what a pleasure to read! You have a strong voice–I think I would be able to name you as the poet in a blind reading. I love your use of the near-rhyme. the way “you” blooms into “bloom.” So sweet.

  2. it was the middle stanza that got to me the most rose…the greatest chance…and letting love fall…ugh def a hard one…and your do work repetition very well in this….

  3. How beautiful. It is in the spin I take the greatest risk of all. That line touches me. I wish I could tattoo it. I love the beauty of a risk and the beauty of your writing. Excellent once again.

  4. On the way to that truest of loves…the ONE! Wait patiently, and it will happen–is what I counsel peeps. Purpose, and power are in your poetic lines here.

  5. It is in…really like this as an opening to each line, very much has an identifying, taking ownership type of quality to it. Really love the way that first stanza sounds, the “eyed” sound repetition x4 is great. Also, really like the progression here, from chance, to impetus, to choice, to helplessness, to observation- really good job. Thanks

  6. “It is in this spin that I take the biggest risk of all” and the final stanza…that truly resonates with me…tho, the entire poem is strong with imagry and beauty. Lovely, Rose :))

  7. This talked to me about needing to take risks in life, about jumping in with both feet, it spoke to me about the purity and essence of life- as simply put as a child sleeping on your lap. The repetition certainly gave it great rhythm and I love poetry that takes this form. I think ultimately this was a piece that spoke about the risks and difficulties that life presents- but that we have to find the strength to face them head on- otherwise- are we really living?

  8. Wow! well done..
    “It is in these hands that I hold the all of you
    watching as each of our petals start to bloom”
    felt the rejuvenation .. thanks for share..

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