Reaching the apogee
by understanding
the lessoned perigee

Finding the consolation
in withstanding
the patterned oscillation

Opening trine eye
for witnessing
the temerarious collide

Holding orbital verity
of appreciating
the spiraled equanimity

Image: Self-Portrait by C Rose (April 2012)
Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub ~ follow this great group on Twitter @dversepoets


20 thoughts on “Orbit”

  1. hey C 🙂

    you tapped into my mindhum instantly with the title – i love the word!
    one of my faves – and all it inspires – including this;

    Holding orbital verity
    of appreciating
    the spiraled equanimity

    great pic too,

    smooth and shapely
    and quite treat 🙂

  2. Very intoxicating rhyming and mingling of ideas and words–a heady experience, and bonus points for the extra cool word, temerarious. Each stanza is like a stairstep. Always hard to hold to verity.

  3. I love a poem I have to look up every three words 🙂 kidding (maye only two for verification) okay, one for sure. But at any rate, once I wrapped my mind around it, I really liked it, but not just the words and message this time, the presentation and word choice and usage was very entertaining. I loved the placement of the words you gave us pause to digest, selah. Excellente!

  4. First off, love the image, I have no idea of what it is, just know I like it.

    Now I am off to find the dictionary to help me try and understand what you have written.

  5. Oh hello, It was like i was an unfamiliar place and saw a friend. I still love the picture and your gifted poem.

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