I watched him from afar
he so studious
scribbling notes at the coffee bar

I wondered of thoughts occurred
he so intense
reading until cross eyes blurred

I lingered even though I was done
he so preoccupied
if only his pen I could become

held in his fingers
executing his thoughts
murmuring his words
scratching his paper
filling each line
inking his thesis
only glancing away
to consider his design

I watched him from afar
his bitemarks in my flesh
scribbling notes at the coffee bar

Image by C Rose (April 2012)
Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub


19 thoughts on “Satellite”

  1. very well observed and nicely spun into a flowing verse that really took me to the coffee bar. I could see the man- scribbling away- it reminded me of my uni days- and i have to say- i’m glad i’m not in that stressful place anymore! This is an observation of human characteristics at its finest (you made me think though- i’m sure i used to murmur to myself like this!)

  2. nice…love the bitemarks…fascinating to see someone caught in the process of it a writer or painter…and yes…there’s this kind of physical attraction that can be felt..i have this often in galleries when i watch the paintings…and could guarantee for nothing if the artist would still be there…smiles…nicely put rose..think i should go to the next coffee shop and search for a writer…smiles

  3. his bitemarks in my flesh…whew that came out of no where…smiles…love the intensity of you observation of him…in his own intensity of the thesis…and there is a heat underneath that comes with it as well…that draws you to him….

  4. sensual …. I love it …. the intensity of the writer, the intensity of your observation of him… the bitemarks make for a hint of carnal … ooh I love this, Rosie. Well written…

  5. Terrific job poeticizing the observation; even better job adding in the color of reflection and wish. Great write. Thanks

  6. I hope Hannibal Lecter had nothing to do with those bitemarks 😉 That did catch me out, I must admit. Observing others can be such a wonderful pastime and you get that message across so well.

  7. Ouch-nice. I like the bit about the pen and the flash attack of bitemarks. I think women of thought and expression are sexy. I can identify with your words. Excellente write. You keep growing and impressing more each week. It’s such a pleasure to visit your page. Thank you for sharing your skill and passion.

  8. Really like this one, Rosie. Esp your closure –

    watched him from afar >>
    his bitemarks in my flesh
    scribbling notes at the coffee bar >> the repetition is an effective device, strengthened by the end-rhyme afar/bar. But it’s the middle line that’s the real kicker

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