Photography by C Rose
Barefoot by C Rose

Sitting on the corner barefoot
Meshed into the cement gutter
Life floats by in a trickle of water

Whitewater ride to the sewer
Carrying off listed choices
Washing in the raven’s voices

Sitting on the corner barefoot
Watching painted sides dry
Highlighting the great divide

This or that, more or fewer
Options tread on free
Coating the flesh of carelessly

Sitting on the corner barefoot
Watching with etch a sketch eyes
Bystander to the lines of time

Image by C Rose April 2012

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub! My thanks to this great group of creatives for the constant support and inspiration!


20 thoughts on “Barefoot”

  1. oo this is really well spun…love the last stanza…nice relevant hit too on the etch a sketch which ties back tot he divide as well….the repetion ties this together so well…nice rose…

  2. great imagery Rose– so easy to identify with the narrator in this piece as he/she watches the passages of time and ponders the choices made along the way. Love the refrain line.

  3. Are you experimenting with a new form I wonder as your last few offerings are similar to this. Does it have a name at all?
    I have always enjoyed your work and you deliver yet again.

  4. Your painting/drawing is very vivid as is the poem. The great divide very skillfully displayed here with wonderful enjambment, and pacing. You use so many great foot/standing words–tread – bystander–well done. K.

  5. i like this voice! And the last stanza is top notch. I love running water whether rafting down an angry river, or watching a trickle of hose water run along cracks in the driveway. Great way to capture a moment and involve your POV. You are very good!!!! Let me know when your book is released.

  6. That second stanza just stopped me in my tracks for some reason, and put me there on the curb–all the reflections in this worth chewing on, and fortunately, they’re tasty enough to do so. ;_)

  7. Life floats by in a trickle of water….from the macro to the micro…what originality here,as is the etch a sketch eyes. Love the original contemplativeness in this piece Rose!

  8. hah! – you were sitting next to me in the bar the whole time and i couldnt find you… i’m getting old and cranky – lol… this is so hot and – etch a sketch eyes is O so GoOD, and such a memorable phrase – the whole vibe feels super sexy to me… and you were sat next to me the whole time… DOH! 😉 cheers C.

  9. This makes me think of all those times I’ve sat and watched the world to by- in this case- watching the water trickling away- for me- this piece is all about questions- about reflecting on ones own life- whether to stay put- or to trickle away like the water

  10. This has really sharp lyricism that has smooth edges. Your eye is clear and your voice really rings clear with what you see. The music of your words seems to lurk near the surface but it has roots that run deep, I hear.

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