The beats fell
through a pulse
ringing my ears
into my feet
setting the pace
of a spoken
a new hop
that fell into
my hips
as the words
of thought
freely dropped
from his lips
the soul of youth
parting the right
and giving dose
of medication
made so ill
I soaked in
the flava
until I got
my fill
birthed in
Paul’s Boutique
crossing borders
and unlocking
boundaries of unique
the sounds
of his vibe
and the cruise
of this intergalactic
ride planetary
will never
leave my pace
as the angels
carry his
soul into grace

Dedicated to the memory of MCA of the Beastie Boys who passed to the heavens this week, contributed to Poetics with dVerse Poets Pub with a theme of music this week.


7 thoughts on “Drop”

  1. MCA as an inspiration, the beasties were an inspiration, and introduced me to punk, hip hop , and the importance of having your own style. So sad that he passed away at just 47. This is a great tribute- loved the way you talked about the beats falling through your feet- and the reference to Paul’s Boutique….(great album)…..I hope he is on that ‘intergalactic’ planetary ride as well….great tribute and rip Adam….p.s my piecemformpoetics was also a tribute- check it out if you get a chance

  2. nice ref to the Beastie…so sad…my cousin texted me when the news broke…great beat yourself in your words…really nice flow rose…and a great tribute…

  3. very proper tribute. you amaze each visit with what moves you. i so enjoyed the short lines, snappy, rappy, to the point, ubber righteous with passion. this is one of my fav forms that i have written many a poem with, but i wish they were as good.

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