The Walk

as my heel drops
the moment opens
as toes follow
it begins to close

I walk in the
simple awareness
that this is how
the journey goes

straight forward toward
those moving clouds
that make breadcrumbs
I trace with my eyes

the walk continues
and truth of life
blazes free the trail
of the cluttered divides

tapping of the steps
becomes the song
whispered by nightingales
that cannot quite decide

which gift would be
best to provide
what stings less
the warning or surprise

Contributed to open link night with dVerse poets pub


18 thoughts on “The Walk”

  1. what stings less the warning or surprise…ha, great end to this rose…that first stanza is really tight…and sometimes the trick is to just keep walking and hope its the right direction…smiles.

  2. Something of a haunting ending note, I have to say, for a piece so otherwise at peace. The warning or surprise…hm. Nevertheless, sometimes all we can do is proceed onward…

  3. which gift would be
    best to provide
    what stings less
    the warning or surprise

    this feels self confident and assured –

    the poet is over taking strife
    by riding

    the lane of self…

    hope thats not too cheese and/or missing the mark…

    its what i saw with my squinting eye ;-D

    leaves me with a positive buzzzz!

  4. Wow, you were rhyming right on time. Excellente sound and voice. I luv walking, when I’m not biking. Sometimes I enjoy a slower, more intimate stroll. Enjoyed your words and lines very much. Is C. Rose going to be the by-line on your book?

  5. What an original you are Rose! This is so hauntingly lovely…that last stanza resonates strongly, yet almost a little chillingly…imagine the tiny nightingale give us the gift of warning or surprise I do like this poem much! Thank you:)

  6. love esp. the part with the moving clouds
    that make breadcrumbs… gorgeous image…and the..tapping of the steps
    becoming the song… the walk of life as a song that can be heard if we listen closely..i like

  7. Walking is one of my favorite subjects to write on, and it was a pleasure to read this poem of yours. You have done very well with it. I like the end, which, by the way, was a surprise to me (perhaps I would have had to try out the sting of the warning, had I read it more closely or been more perceptive) :-).

    You really get across the feel of the process of walking, which is both about every little step, and about taking in the bigger picture. Good work!

    My rally entry is at:

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