Chew over

analyzation on
annihilation of
forced theory
with simplicity
lost clarity found
confusion docked

preoccupied query
left amplified
crying and dreary
volplane ride
in deasil
the minutia
of lost time
life hung
on an easel

hocus pocus
maniacal focus
on particulars
reasoning magnified
crooked hidden
blinder eyes
treasure missin’

Contributed to Open Link Night with the amazing poets at dVerse Poets Pub a great place to stay in the walk of words.

Few of the prompt words via Twitter fell into this piece, my thanks for the inspiration of: Volplane (twitter word of the day @loqwacious) Deasil (twitter word of the day @arwticulate)


12 thoughts on “Chew over”

  1. nice flow to this rose…i think we should def analyze our assumptions along the way and demolish a few of our conclusions…clarity to me is key as well…dont let that treasure go missing…smiles…nice beat.

  2. A lot to think about here. Lost clarity found is what we all hope for, but we often end up missing the real treasure. Strong write.

  3. Was all good, but second stanza really rocked me. I really like short lines, sharp thoughts, crisp images and presentation of thought. Excellente! I mean I really like the second stanza. outstanding sound and picture of thought. You are so good at this.

  4. I love your writing ~ lots of creative punch ~ reminds me of the creative process ~ sometimes we might not see ~

  5. Your words kept us waltzing right along with you. Loved the form, the pacing…a fantastic read (but I do so enjoy it when you do the reading for us!) always great work to be found here!

  6. Just a feast of words, and chewing them over is the proverbial food for thought. This is dense and highly caloric, tasty fare, Rose.

  7. When I write poems that consist of one to two or three word lines that just keep moving down the page, I write them because I want to increase the sense of movement within the poem and to allow the readers mind, albeit directing somewhat, to go in whatever way their mind takes the connections it forms between each line. You did all of these things and more in this piece. Really a fantastic job. Thanks

  8. Like the punchy rhythm and pace here, Rose. You communicated here what many of us muddle in our communication, making for misunderstanding and confusion. Very nice!

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