quicksand feet
pulled by
read cuff
balloon arms

stretching eyes
traced charm
sketched love
etched dream

unfouled harm
felt stuffed
torn design

mile extreme
hitched ride
turned cup
reptile farm

This is a new form that I have played with…I am considering naming it Extremophile…here are the basics thus far:

series of four quatrains each with 2 word lines. The lines breakdown as the following: syllable count 3/2/2/3 rhyme: a/b/c/d ~ b/d/c/a ~ d/a/c/b ~ a/b/c/d

I recently watched a program about a biology surrounding life forms that call dwell and thrive in environmental extremes, known as extremophiles, as I observed it seemed profoundly clear that we humans could easily be considered in this category. These words followed.


8 thoughts on “Extremophile”

  1. Thank you for providing the explanation–I think you might be right about us humans fitting in this category–the rhyme scheme is so beautifully subtle –I appreciate that

  2. an interesting form for sure…it is intersting seeing those shows, paritcularly for me the ones deep in the ocean and how they have adapted…we are certainly adaptable but i would how many would survive as such extremes…

  3. This is really cool. I love the idea of writing about different life-forms and representing them in the form of your poem. I also really enjoy the idea of creating a form to reflect these life-forms. You seem to be on to something for sure in this poem.

  4. Rose, dear, you never fail to challenge, excite, and inform me with your talent, heart and intellect. This piece intrigues me in its content and structure. I’m afraid I’m too much of a rambler to try this anytime soon, but I sure as heck enjoy reading your great forays into these forms. 🙂 xox
    ~ j

  5. really nice job here. I like playing around with form, this is especially neat, as you don’t see too many, if any, don’t recall seeing any, two word line forms. Very neat. Thanks

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