In                the           square        she            often          heard
the            sounds         of             held        thought          in
square        of           ricochet    stories           in              ping
she             held          stories         of           bundled      tones
often      thought          in         bundled      twists          over
heard          in              ping         tones           over          verity

Contributed to dVerse Poets Form For All: Square Poems hosted by Samuel Peralta – on Twitter as @Semaphore 

I so enjoyed this form and tried to honor Carroll with this piece. My thanks for hosting this form Samuel it was a great challenge and pleasure to attempt! ~ Rose


7 thoughts on “Ping”

  1. ricochet stories….nice…held stories of bundled tones is a cool line too…ha, def the hardest thing i ever wrote but you got the form which is def the hardest part…

  2. This is also my favorite: “she held stories of bundled tones”

    And this: “heard
    the sounds of held thought”

    Nice ending as well:
    “over verity”

  3. Thanks for the kindness… and for trying out the Carroll square poem form! It’s not that easy to master, but when you get the hang of it, it can help produce some amazing poems – and it looks like you’ve pretty much got a handle on it. This works well!

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