the button held
like heart on sleeve
each press, a new name spelt

click, turn and leave
view-maskers slide
moment turns on release

finger and heart collide
premature skip
de-pressed the left besides

the pilikia of her ever want

edited clips
make up curved svelte
distracting pearl ellipse

endings withheld
the looped collide
frame by frame cut to shelves

refined applied
the last won’t leave
her button kept upright

Written in my own “Calypso” Form

Contributed to Poetics with dVerse Poets Pub – hosted this week by Brian Miller (@bmiller007) with the inspiration of “Buttons”

Image creation/rights by C Rose 06/2012


14 thoughts on “Pilikia”

  1. I’ve never heard of pilikia before either. Great sounding word. Sometimes wearing our hearts on our sleeves or, being too flighty can and does bring troubles.
    Lovely prose.

  2. very cool rose….great pic as well to go with….looked up pilikia (trouble) …great use of language in this…svelt as well..smiles….there is an interesting rhythm as well to this…and emotion as well…i am glad her button remained upright in the end…

  3. This is a nice rythmic cadence. Worth trying if you’ll allow me to.
    You will have to read this out loud for us. with one of those newfangled sound clouds et al.

  4. I wonder if those who never knew “view-masters” can fully appreciate this. So extraordinarily unique in form, word usage, and “how” the poem does. The metaphor “stays put” throughout. Wonderful!

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