Caging a Sunrise

there is no use caging a sunrise
metallic bars will not stop the timeline
hold it back and burn your eyes

stop in place and open your eyes
bathe in the first light of sunrise
be still to the carry of the timeline

remove the hour of the timeline
witness power in trine eyes
watch night fall on the sunrise

draw the timeline of sunrise with silhouette eyes

Inspired and prompted by this weeks Form For All Poetry at dVerse Poets Pub, hosted by Samuel Peralta.

I fell in love with this form invented by the gifted Marie Ponso. I hope with all sincerity I have done it justice. My thanks to dVerse Poets for this great prompt and form this week.

Image by C Rose while in journey, originally shared via @crosescribe follow and visit to see more poeart prompts.

9 thoughts on “Caging a Sunrise”

  1. What an interesting perspective the photograph provides, when coupled with the theme of your poem! Definitely you’ve gotten the structure correctly, as Marie Ponsot defined, and so this works. It is a wonderful form, and it impresses on the theme a musicality that can’t help but enhance the composition.

  2. This is really well honed and visually beautiful, and the sense of time being purely a construct through which we move at will is rather liberating. I especially like the ‘silhouette eyes.’

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