There are messages
in the grain made
when you colored in.

They linger in the eyes
of sun made silhouettes
and hide in cut out
skies left by the
paper doll moon’s again.

They make faces in
trees peaking through
raindrop glasses
and are spelled out
waiting to be read
first sentence last.

There are messages
in the grain made
when you colored in.

They are penciled
sketches in moment sand
making missive trails
giving poignant
beginnings their end.


Image taken and edited by C Rose while in journey. December 2012

mis·sive [mis-iv] noun 1. a written message; letter.

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.


9 thoughts on “Missive”

  1. Love the wrap around of the piece, the repetition…the fact you are a brave enough writer to let us take your words and try to decipher those messages…the image is fantastic!

  2. ha nice…the repetition is effective..love the spiral image you create with it..penciled sketches in moment sand…giving beginnings their end…circular…i like

  3. I always love your voice, but in this form it was riviting. I am a big fan of repetition, expecially when used correctly, and it was used to perfection here. I like the choppy lines and then the smooth. It adds a cadence to the images. Always a treat, C. Rose.

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