The Keeper

She walks in the garden that grows
between day and night and harvests
bouquets of the perfect light.

She presses tongues into crystal
blue blooms with golden centers that
light the full moon.

She plants the seeds of dreamers
in the soils of time and grows them
for the askers by singing in rhyme.

She cultivates shooting stars, filling
them with love and sprinkles them
across the sky giving hopeful eyes
wonder of the above.

She  finger paints compassion on
the dark side of truth and coats
it with sun until peace is reproduced.

She, the keeper of our garden, weeds
the thoughts of mind so the veins
of commonality are ours to find.

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.

12 thoughts on “The Keeper”

  1. the first three stanzas are wonderful; I love the capture of light, the pressing of tongues, and the planting of dreams. and then you take the poem I such a unique and marvelous direction as she cultivates, paints and weeds our hearts and minds. really lovely!

  2. A spotless voice reading
    and delivering the poem to my minds eye/ear
    with a real shiver and beam of balance and lightness

    and enough air and space to breathe a freshness 🙂

  3. Rose, great read first off, definitely enjoyed hearing the reading. Love the poem and the consistency of image throughout each stanza. gardens, harvest, blooms, plants, seeds, soils, cultivates, coats, garden, weeds and veins. Very nicely done. Thanks

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