I sat with the spider mother as she patiently
pulled the web from my eyes. 

In our love the dewfall, my tears
scattering across her stringed design.

I witnessed as she blew a kiss that cooled
the sky, turning my tears to stars,
filling the night.

She spoke to my essence and
released the mystery from my bones.

She pointed to the path of ever-love,
sparking third sight and introduced me
to the ever-patient guides

I lost my voice and found an echo,
filling me with chorus shared by the divine.

The vibration of my new song,
an inertia, tuning my steps to the channel
for which I was born.

I recently enjoyed reading and learning of a common figure in Southwestern Native American religions and myths known as Kokyangwuti, the Spider Mother or Earth Goddess. According to mythology, she was responsible for the stars in the sky, she took a web she had spun, laced it with dew, threw it into the sky and the dew became the stars.

Desideratum: meaning “things wanted or needed”: “Happily-ever-after” and “eternal love” This is a lovely word, more commonly brought to life in poetry by Max Ehrmann in 1927. These two inspirations recently crossed my path and it felt congruent to combine them in this poem.

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Image by C Rose February 2013.


4 thoughts on “Desideratum”

  1. oh this is fascinating rose…and magical…She pointed to the path of ever-love…and i lost my voice but found the chorus…this would be a very cool thing to study..hope it inspires more writes from you as you read it…

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