I often think of the first
time I fell in knowledge

The remembrance of crawling
inside myself and opening
my eyes from the inside

I drew the right side
of left and turned up from
down the volume of my
song, long crying into
mortar arteries

Now I dance to the choir
of voices, each representing
a being of my self and swing
my hips as if making love
to the breeze

I’ve harnessed the powers
bestowed by the stars and walk
in the light 
rippling from
my temple heart

I often tingle as the moments
bounce into my circle of love

replying in shiver back
my gratitude with an
echo of trust

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.


15 thoughts on “Anamnesis”

  1. swing
    my hips as if making love
    to the breeze…ha…i like, that is fun…pretty cool thought up front with the crawling inside yourself and looking around, as well…nice write rose…

  2. The remembrance of crawling
    inside myself and opening
    my eyes from the inside

    Wondered what the title meant, once known, this spoke to me in a very loud voice and explains where the title is coming from. During low mood times, this is what tends to happen before its possible t ocome out of that mood, so I have great empathy with this.

  3. A voyage of self-discovery, smooth sailing all the way.
    Your language expressed so we know it is Truth, what you have come to know.
    It’s a tender piece artfully composed.


  4. I honestly don’t know why there have not been more comments on this poem. C, it is a beautiful read. I love where you went with it. The introspection and the way you describe it poetically is like sweet candy that melts in one’s mouth, exciting the senses. A beautiful read my friend. I continue to love your work in many regards.

  5. Hey, my first time here and loving this spiritually ambitious piece – lovely heart-felt writing really did touch me… Just one small thought – would you consider mortared arteries instead?
    All the Best Scott

    1. Hi Scott ~ thank you for connecting with my words here, appreciate your visit. I did…actually went back and forth between the two, ending on mortar…its the right one for me for some reason. My gratitude and thanks again!

  6. My gratitude for all the kind remarks and time spent with my words here. I am appreciative of my journey and the words and joy it inspires. My thanks again ~ Rose

  7. Absolutely beautiful it reminds me of when I was a teenager and just beginning to write in earnest, just beginning my studies of psychology, philosophy, religion, and literature. I remember very acutely that sensation of vastness of the world opening and unfolding in front of me and my voracious curiosity so know and experience everything within my own heart.

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