The Listener

I listen in fours
and speak with
a tongue tipped
in infinity

I scroll words out
of clouds and watch
them change into the
shapes that others see

I dip the moon in
my heart, lighting the
sun and juggle them
into the day and night

I create love from
my fountain of truth
and give it over with
freedom in delight

I’ve stood in the
eyes of storms and
watched fury until
I was hollowed through

Tuned to the listener,
I offer my frequency
to the beings that radiate
from the heart of you

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.

5 thoughts on “The Listener”

  1. It is the ears crafted for listening most slighted until comes the one speaks loud what they did not hear.
    There is a tenderness about your piece, written softly so that they may lean in . . . for a closer listen.

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