I change color with the hearts
I beat. A love chameleon showing
tongue of every speak. I assemble
letters into pictures with emotion

A blink to witness, I read moments
vertically with seven eyes.
Unchaining the bound to
verisimilitude time. Open, our
genetically modified distention
floods into rhyme.

Candor lance made of star stories
pierces our fright. Peeling back
eyelids to reveal our co-created
blight. Propelling our heirship
to the inherent right.

A world of a billion gurus and
we each equal one. Connecting
pulsed fingertips we heart beat
in sum. Clairaudient to the etude
of our begun.

We change color with the hearts
we beat. Love chameleons showing
tongue of every speak. We bleed into
pools of love ink.

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.


9 thoughts on “Swollen”

  1. versimultitude…ha…what a word….an early fav line…I read the
    moments vertically with seven
    eyes…i would maybe drop ‘the’ though…realy creative imagery and nice energy in this one as well…

    1. My thanks Brian. Always smile in your comments and thank you for the suggestion. I agree “the” removed flows much better, I appreciate the thoughts. ❤

  2. some interesting visuals in this piece. I like the “love chameleon.” I admit I need a dictionary close at hand for this piece, but I still thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. Illustration of one self connecting to all, transforming to realization of overall oneness. Liked the chameleon here as a metaphor for that. Awesome rhymes and good beat. Great word choices too. I very much enjoyed reading this.

  4. Dense yet imaginative, original, and I love the rhythm 🙂 Your poetry is unique, Rose, and this one is signature. 🙂

  5. I love the way you structured your internal rhyme using a prose formatting my friend. Clever and creative. The diction you implore is fitting. Most enjoy all your work. Much love and respect my friend. Thank you for reciprocating.

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