Drink of the channeled angel tears
through my long, hollow frame.

Blow into me the whispers of you
and I will play melody.

Will then you move in reverie
to the sound of your truth?

I missed the link up but was none the less inspired by Form For All with dVerse Poets Pub. Hosted by Samuel Peralta – on Twitter as @Semaphore, focusing on the form Sijo which I greatly enjoyed drawing within. Decided to share in this weeks Open Link Night. My gratitude always for the time you offer my words ~ Rose 

“Sijo is composed in three lines, each line having 14-16 syllables, for a total count of between 44-46 syllables for the entire poem.

There is usually a pause in the middle, and this has allowed English sijo to be written in six lines, with each line breaking at the caesura.

The fact that sijo – the word is both singular and plural – are composed of only three lines drives the discipline of the composer to focus on the essence of their theme.”

16 thoughts on “Channel”

  1. Yes!! Extraordinary poetry writing. For a short and concise piece, you knocked it out the park. It speaks to me. I get it. Where you got this inspiration, visit there frequently. This is big league writing. It has deep and the syntax gorgeous. I am your humble fan. Much love my friend. You are the sweetest person I know online. Thank you for friendship.

    1. Dearest Emmett you have honored me with your words and brought me a great amount of joy. I am grateful for you ♥ Send my peace and love ~ Rose

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