Three years ago, when first I woke, I found a small cactus in the corner of the yard as I was grooming my prose. She wasn’t a particularly beautiful cactus, common to the desert gardens. She was blended with the colors of earth, her singular oval body was adorned with sharp guardians.

I borrowed the sun’s fingers and plucked the needles along her curve. Striking her unique, she harmonized the aria of the breeze and taught me how to sing the first verse. I lifted her roots in their wish to kiss the air and tossed her back into the newly turned soils of my plot with care.

We tended time baking in the sun and nourished succulent strength for the shadows next to come. I cried tear rain, washing her clean and felt the power of her rooted veins fill my hollow until we thrived as twins…

connected presence
the am of our blooms
seeding our newest forms

we, each other’s keepers
lay rest and daydream
in our ribbon of thorns

Inspired by a lovely cactus I befriended on my journey and a recent appreciation of our mutual growth in time.

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.


9 thoughts on “Needles”

  1. Delightful…I thought back to when I first started to connect with my plants…
    and they started to thrive i instead of die…they lived and my “black” thumb turned to green.

    These words struck me particularly …”I borrowed the sun’s fingers and plucked the needles along her curve.” and the rest of the paragraph.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. we each others teachers…love that…the things that are there when we need…love hte connection you created with that cactus…i have a bit of that with my grape vine honestly…i like to go sit and watch it a bit and learn its rhythms…

  3. I really enjoyed the cacti visual, it is striking, and sharp to contrast such a smooth, soothing voice that blossoms as beautiful as the plant you give us. Excellente. As I was reading I was hoping I would find your recorded voice on the bottom of the page. But even without that, I hear your voice in each sound, so sincere and real.

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