Growing Up Modified


growing up
modified into
organisms unknown

giving up
motherlands to
oblivious drones

guised up
mockery of
obscure codes

ground up
mutants seed
obnubilate clones

I had the great honor of joining my fellow citizens of Earth on May 25, 2013 for March Against Monsanto. Millions of people across the globe spoke out against the genetic modification of our food supply by a company named Monsanto.

Many are still unaware of Monsanto, yet purchase and consume food and drink products everyday that contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). This man created plague is creating havoc for the health of humans and land across the globe and must end before life does at its hands. I implore you each to take time to learn and understand the dangers of this manipulation of nature and how its being masked and hidden by corporations and governments simply for their own fiscal profits. My gratitude for the attention and voice you offer this global threat to our food supply. We must learn to co-create with natural order and that man’s attempts to control her will only lead to a quick and painful demise. We are part of this eco-system not its rulers.

The are just a few links to resources to understand the reasoning for at least requiring the labeling of foods containing GMO ingredients so that we may have a choice in what we consume.

Image by C Rose May 25, 2013 – March Against Monsanto – Albuquerque, NM 

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5 thoughts on “Growing Up Modified”

  1. ugh, so true on the danger of us playing god with nature…its only going to get worse the further along we go…and good on you for doing something about it…and even raising awareness in your verse…

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