turn through faces until you see soul
kiss the glyphs of temple tongues
pulling apart skeleton key wishbones

turn through faces until you see soul
open locked calls casting signature tones
dancing past each with seed honey steps

turn through faces until you see soul
wade the mellifluous filling of land mind clefts
connecting this, that and the latter rungs

turn through faces until you see soul
pass the time where the masks are hung
paving road rhymes with clay feet stones

turn through faces until you see soul
paint into shadow corners of eyes unshone
dilating outlines in the shape of we in met

turn through faces until you see soul
pull in heartstring rays and cajole the sun’s unset
weaving the fray into lyrics of the unsung

turn through faces until you see soul
walk back into the forward and grow young
carrying pocketfuls of field picked homes

turn through faces until you see soul

Today I am grateful to share a new form inspired in conversation with my dear friend Jovita. It is what I cherish about listening to the moments, through a casual conversation of literature exercises and poetry readings came this poetry that I am calling Emphatic Form.

The exercise is repeating the same sentence yet changing which word is emphasized as you repeat the sentence. It is commonly used to practice speaking English and instantly rang to me as the skeleton of a new form. My unending love and gratitude to my dear friend for our heart connection and today’s inspiration.

Form Structure:
Seven line refrain – cycle word emphasis in each refrain
each refrain combined with a couplet, creating tercets

rhyme scheme:
R,a,b / R,b,c / R,c,a / R,a,b / R,b,c / R,c,a / R,a,b /R

This form was sculpted with spoken reading in premis.

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub. Please link up and show your support for this great group of people, you are sure to receive it back in kind.

8 thoughts on “Turns”

  1. very cool…might have to try your new form int eh next week and see what i can do with it…paving road rhymes…ha…i like that line…and the first stanza…and suns unset…really creative imagery throughout…

    last one before bed…have a great eve rose…

  2. this is great. Really a cool form, strong write Rose. The aesthetic use of the bold really does a great job drawing the eye to that word immediately each line, a very nice element, especially as used with this form. thanks

  3. Very clever this form. So appreciate you bringing it to light. This required diligent work and focus on craft. You are one of my favorite poets. This is just another example why I LOVE your work.

  4. Wow, I’m really impressed by this new form !! Very clever and I like how you highlight the refrain in bold diagonal !! Your carefully chosen words create deft and alluring rhymes ! Excellent work!!

  5. Love the interspersed “Turn through faces until you see soul…….” That has a great meaning, as so many faces don’t show soul……. In fact, I often wonder if some of us were born without them. But I am not much of one for abstract poetry so I can’t really discuss this poem intelligently. Lines like “wade the mellifluous filling of land mind clefts” have soared way above my comprehension and leave me crippled in the conversation. But I know this is a most popular form today – and can say as phonetic art it does have a cadence to it….. Especially enjoyed listening to the read……..

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