Feather Dancer

falling feathers landing at my soles, marking the prints of my soul, tying the plumed reminder strings, to patiently awaiting skeleton wings

in death I became a feather dancer, filling my wings with inherent answer, whirling them from ground to air, timing flight for path end tear

birds of a feather stuck to make a together,marking the winds with the signature glimpse, of the no name bird who calls every other her twin

Contributed to Form for all with @Semaphore hosted at dVerse Poets Pub where we are celebrating the wonderful creative expression that has unfolded in the 140 character world of Twitter. I am @crosescribe and can say in all honesty that I would not have enjoyed such an expedient trip into a global community of fellow poets, writers, creatives and otherwise inspired if it were not for my first entry into this light speed world. I am grateful each day to have such an inspiring medium in my journey. My thanks for celebrating the form today with all the talented souls at the pub ♡

p.s. don’t forget to share in the stream

9 thoughts on “Feather Dancer”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love the rhymes, so subtle within the run-on lines, that bring a musicality to each composition, and the way you breathe life into each image from the starting title. As with many here, if I should name a favourite, it would be the second verse/poem – that, alone, is a poem I wish I’d written.

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