Collecting Selves

The most significant discoveries I have made transitioning into higher consciousness during my personal and spiritual development have occurred when I have allowed my individual selves to collectively provide input and make choice through the wisdom of the whole’s response.

In “Fellowship of the Self” we explored the aspects of our individual selves being separately considered in order to give fullness and balance to our development. In light of my own recent discoveries in the furtherance of this topic, it feels time for a more in depth dialogue of our selves. It is first important to understand that the term “development” in my discussion here is defined by that of simultaneous and mutually occurring actions in personal and spiritual development. Whenever we are focusing only on one or perhaps on neither, we shift into a process that is commonly considered as self-management or self-control.

It seems to be a good thing doesn’t it? While it may to the mind self, it is incongruent to the process of developing our consciousness from separation to unity of our selves and ourself into the Oneself. We do not control, we allow. We allow ourselves to become the mother love that acknowledges, responds and comforts each of our individual selves. No one self is treated as a minority, all given equal time, care, attention and direction. When in mother love, we are in our truest voice, our soul self. That of our temple master and we provide action and response to continually gather the wisdom our individual selves in mutual congruence put forward as our collective in unity consciousness.

This begins with acknowledgment and time in listen. We give space in quiet, non-thinking and non-judging silence and in this master voice, we call each of ourselves individually forward …”emotional self, please come share”…”physical self, please come share”…”sexual self, please come share”…”mental self, please come share”, as each comes forward the master listens, allows and accepts. This is the conversation of five that results in the one voice of choice and leads us forward on the narrow path of our development. We take action on what was put forward in this conversation to shift, clear and release all that was expressed as incongruent with our order. As we take action and remove the barriers our selves have revealed, trust continues to build and the calling of our selves into congruence arrives with ease and freedom. As our development expands our selves share proactive voice instead of alarm and we remain free of dysfunction and pathology.

This conversation is the absolution of our self power. Once in capacity of understanding  our inherent collective wisdom, we gather knowledge at accelerating rates. Intuition opens and we discover our soul’s vocation, allowing for the capacity to manifest all that is needed to purpose all that we are here to do. Sprout by sprout, the seeded intentions of the five in one action fortify belief of our unlimited growth and the truth of our interwoven veins with all that exists in the universe.

This was originally written for contribution to the Southpaw Essential series at and I felt the desire to express it here as well due to the importance of the topic in the advancement of global consciousness.  My thanks for the time given to my words. In gratitude ~ Rose


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