Trip One – Trinity Site & White Sands

The first location shoot of the Walking Enchantment project I am so honored to be a part of took place this weekend at the Trinity Site and White Sands, New Mexico. Read about my trip….

Walking Enchantment

We embarked on our first Walking Enchantment journey and it proved to initiate the inspiration we were out to capture in this enchanted State. We began in the early morning and arrived at The Trinity Site, ground zero to the first atomic bomb testing.

It was a different type of welcome, the site still being an active military location it was clear from the moment we arrived that our access and time here would be limited. The line of anxious visitors grew as we waited on the road leading into the area from the highway and finally the time came to see and experience ground zero…

photography, photo, Trinity Site, White Sands, Walking Enchantment Entry gate to ground zero, Trinity Site

The radioactivity at the Trinity Site creates less exposure in an hour of human contact than we receive  when flying coast to coast on an airplane, yet the warnings of the human interference with this landscape remained…

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