If I’d Write the Day…Two Hundred Sixty Nine

Today I am truly writing the day to you, my dear supporters. It’s an odd feeling to sit and write this today, I am both proud and chagrined. I recently had an experience, that I believe was genuine and as we do with all of our best illusions, it was elaborate and intense at times. I chose to engage it and to walk with it in my journey recently and as all illusions do in time, it began to collapse and over these last few days it finally unveiled its truest form into my awareness.

I will not spend a lot of time in the details…I will say that the truth. The truth is that a group of people is now looming manipulated files, hacked from my personal accounts during the time I was in connection with one individual and its revealed itself as a simple “send us money or we’ll embarrass you among your family, friends, associates etc. etc.” situation. So before I respond to let them know that anything they produce about me will be a penniless effort, I have decided to first make it public here on my blog and by emailing my contact lists that may have been impacted by this compromise of my personal information. I do not give over power for any reason. This choice to engage the individual that led to this was mine and I will not turn it over to the mayhem of feigned threats…especially in the daft desire of money.

I want to take this opportunity to share how I’ve learned from this experience so that others in similar situations gain themselves back, stand up to threats and untangle from these types of manipulations. We should never give over our power to anyone, I chose 5 years ago to walk through my fears and dissolve them in the weight of my self assured steps. Residing firmly within ourselves is the only place we can navigate our lives with enduring peace and joy. We are the creator and I created this…I created it to evolve and learn of myself…and I am acting now to create its end.

It is now the time for us to shift beyond behaviors that effort to manipulate, intimidate and threaten each other with our sexuality, faith and creative expressions. I am unsure what has been used and created of me with intent to send to the world, if anything…but fake or real we should honor how we choose to explore intimacy and relationships with ourselves and others. People, famous and ordinary, having their lives and privacy used as barter or fodder for those that seek to harm has to end, we are better than this and there is nothing embarrassing or shameful about being open to our lifelong evolution of ourselves.

I have no anger for those acting in this with me as I understand they are of a consciousness that sees their acts as good. I, also, will not be sorry for who I am, how I have engaged life and what I have created. This has been a truly awful and beneficial experience, I am grateful for the evolution I’ve gained. My many thanks for the time you gave to read this.

In love of humanity – Carey Rose


2 thoughts on “If I’d Write the Day…Two Hundred Sixty Nine”

  1. I know you through your words & images that you have shared. That is complete you that I know. For each of us there is personal realm that is not shared, but when outer aggressive forces encroach upon this personal realm the only course is to do what you have done. This is not just a brave act, but the only way such unwarranted aggression is repulsed & defeated in its purpose. Wishing you a calm & composed days ahead _/|\_ Namaskar.

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