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If I’d Write the Day…Three Hundred Twenty Four

(a poem for H.)

Whirling blades of
Low elevation

Under the clouds
Above the cares

A floating incantation

The untouchable spin
By downdraft winds

Reaching out hands
Linger in hesitation

Moving in hover

The anticipating ground
Stirs, becoming lover

A final touch down
Settling shimmered flakes
In afterglow dust

Swallowed by grabbing
Fingers of gravity

Again Still
Until Again

Our next lift of
Low elevation

If I’d Write the Day… a A 365 day perspective series of poetry and image inspired in the moments observed by Carey Rose O’Connell while in journey, #PoeArt also shared via @crosescribe

For for more about all the creative expressions of Carey Rose O’Connell visit

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