If I’d Write the Day…The Last Day


They passed
Echoing her shape
Riding the line
Of her frozen landscapes

Dear friends,

I’ve not been able to maintain the last days of our 365 days in moments in journey as we had set out and today, these words, will bring a close to this most enjoyable and challenging creative en devour.

Shy of the ultimate goal my eyes only see success…that for the more than 330 moments captured and shared with you here and that for the days that experience required my energy away from creative expression and towards the work I’ve made to nurture my continued growth. From the times I allow myself to be in presence with my opportunity for lesson and knowledge will blossom the future poems and creative expressions of my voice.

I am so grateful for all that find these words and share in time with me through them. I wish everyone all the purest & true embodiment of your visions & dreams.

May you see yourself in all that you meet and give time to each that you greet! See you with new moments and poetry in 2016!

All my love and joy!

Carey Rose



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