It amazes me we have hit 2016! Welcome to the new year my friends, I am grateful to be enjoying the possibilities with you. It is my tradition to take time at the beginning of the year to examine my creative work and ensure I am positioned to maximize my energy and voice. In result today I am thrilled to announce my poetry blog The World Poetized, started in 2011, will now be consolidated into my site at


I am fortunate to have found versatility through my creative expression and this merger will allow for better delivery to all those that spend time with my worlds. Bringing my blog here also allows me to begin to share words and vision for other channels of my work. To honor my path of words to this moment I will be re-posting some of my favorites from The World Poetized here, each with a bit of the background behind the poem and its creation in a series titled The Poets Cut.

I am aware by letting go of my original blog I release 5 years of hard earned readers via WordPress and I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has taken time with my expression and hope you will continue to follow me here or on social media to keep our connection going. I also want to thank the people of for such a easy to use service. It was very helpful to have such an integrative tool as a newly sprouting poet in today’s digital medium.

Everything is flux, everything is impermanent and creativity commands change and so I bid the old adieu and welcome in the new, everly grateful for both.

Always in words
Carey Rose

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