Sticker Eyes

Sticker eyes
Resting in the labels
Ensuring they meet our flippant needs

One promises joy, the next kills weeds
Adhesive backed fables
Sticker eyes

Sticker eyes
Reading for our able
Marketing their version of our creed

Buy this, buy that, minds stuck in force feed
Corralled in our stables
Sticker eyes

Sticker eyes
Present choice disabled
Our discernment to them we concede

Responsibility now is freed
False truth we enable
Sticker Eyes

Written and contributed to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics hosted by the wonderful Victoria Ceretto-Slotto
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This piece is written in my own Hyper-Thrice Form

Image my own taken and art’d up a bit as I wrote this piece in the park today. Thank you Victoria for the pop-art inspiration!


Pacing Iniquity

The slanted thought
Journeyed in detour
Bent on a crooked walk

Two feet turn four
Doubled down fear
Shadow calling the score

Broken eyes tear
Dissolving mirth
Visions twist into leer

The walking dead pacing iniquity

Vanities girth
Shell sits in wrought
Duality strips worth

Aimless distraught
Steps coast in veer
Runaway train of thought

Swelling the queer
Biting the lure
Twisted head stares in rear

Written in my own Calypso Form
Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
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Wounded Tribe

Living in our tribal knowledge
wilting on the grapevine

Passing generations of story
mutating intelligence through time

Living in our tribal knowledge
wallowing on the grapevine

The absence of today’s truth
splintered in endless divides

Living in our tribal knowledge
wandering on the grapevine

The symbols of divinity
smeared by the hands of mankind

Living in our tribal knowledge
weeping on the grapevine

Changing winds dry our tears
the light of now has a new rhyme

Living in our collective consciousness
weeding out the last of our crimes

This piece inspired by one of the newest teachers in my world, who discussed the downfalls of resting within the history of combined knowledge excluding new information that is present. Lets change the conversation from what was to what is. Thank you for the inspiration my teacher, truly appreciated. ~ Rose

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
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I want to drop
my strings of iron

thread a rail
to connect our hearts

I want you to roam
my labyrinth of tracks

lose the meaning
of end and start

I want to ride
in your locomotion

feel our combustion
feed each new mile

I want the ticket
with the golden prize

whistle stop tour
of your loving smile

Written for Poetics with dVerse Poets Pub, hosted by the lovely Claudia Schoenfeld
bringing us the inspiration of Trains
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Words affect change…these are one poets.

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