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the button held
like heart on sleeve
each press, a new name spelt

click, turn and leave
view-maskers slide
moment turns on release

finger and heart collide
premature skip
de-pressed the left besides

the pilikia of her ever want

edited clips
make up curved svelte
distracting pearl ellipse

endings withheld
the looped collide
frame by frame cut to shelves

refined applied
the last won’t leave
her button kept upright

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Pacing Iniquity

The slanted thought
Journeyed in detour
Bent on a crooked walk

Two feet turn four
Doubled down fear
Shadow calling the score

Broken eyes tear
Dissolving mirth
Visions twist into leer

The walking dead pacing iniquity

Vanities girth
Shell sits in wrought
Duality strips worth

Aimless distraught
Steps coast in veer
Runaway train of thought

Swelling the queer
Biting the lure
Twisted head stares in rear

Written in my own Calypso Form
Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
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