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If I’d Write the Day…One Hundred Eleven

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Time with precipice
Writing rhapsody
With unknown eyes
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threaded fingers
with the only
company kept

she swung arms
with her shadow
as the world left

they danced in the
final light to dawn
on man

loving the last of the
wilted blooms pulled
by too soon hands

she piled the dead
yesterdays and jumped
through the spaces in time

landing in the sun, she
evaporated the clouds
into tear drop rhyme

she released the new
eyes from her ever
flowing womb

locking separation
into its new heart
shaped tomb

all beings reborn
from the mother
of one

the new time of
no measure has
now begun

Inspired by the first four stanzas that presented themselves in lovely micropoem form today…the words insisted on a few more to feel complete. The revolution of our evolution is now and all one must do is allow ~ In eternal peace and love ~ Rose

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