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The Words

I feel the words
begin in my heart
that’s when
I know to start

I feel the words
when thoughts scatter
that’s when
I know they matter

I hear the words
deep within
my triangle eyes






I hear the words
in each
new breath
of the next step

Until finally
they become
a choreographed
explosion of my sum

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The Seeker

On empty
the search for full
The anxious seeker
finds ease in the tethers

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includes free spirit
The callow seeker
no questions for the letters

Weighted down
in lesson and ornament
The eyeless seeker
still waiting for the betters

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This piece received the Perfect Poets Award by Jingle Poetry
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Wounded Tribe

Living in our tribal knowledge
wilting on the grapevine

Passing generations of story
mutating intelligence through time

Living in our tribal knowledge
wallowing on the grapevine

The absence of today’s truth
splintered in endless divides

Living in our tribal knowledge
wandering on the grapevine

The symbols of divinity
smeared by the hands of mankind

Living in our tribal knowledge
weeping on the grapevine

Changing winds dry our tears
the light of now has a new rhyme

Living in our collective consciousness
weeding out the last of our crimes

This piece inspired by one of the newest teachers in my world, who discussed the downfalls of resting within the history of combined knowledge excluding new information that is present. Lets change the conversation from what was to what is. Thank you for the inspiration my teacher, truly appreciated. ~ Rose

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
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