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Low Hanging Fruit

I was in a coffin, trapped beneath the low hanging fruit of the tree. Clustered bunches dangling just above, so dense there was no moment to find within. The occasional wind causing the clumps to collide against my body,  bruised we both seep our serous spirit. In the shifting shadows, cast by the overgrown leaves, flickers of light show through the eaten away veins.

Deep inspiration, burst of arms in swing, stirring the air to tunnel my exit.  Piercing my skin the effected debris, spun into chaos by my will to be free. As the last old twig falls to the ground I see above me only turquoise sky and auburn sun.

Inspired by the prompt ‘low hanging fruit’ at typetrigger.com


The Words

I feel the words
begin in my heart
that’s when
I know to start

I feel the words
when thoughts scatter
that’s when
I know they matter

I hear the words
deep within
my triangle eyes






I hear the words
in each
new breath
of the next step

Until finally
they become
a choreographed
explosion of my sum

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The Seeker

On empty
the search for full
The anxious seeker
finds ease in the tethers

Buy this now
includes free spirit
The callow seeker
no questions for the letters

Weighted down
in lesson and ornament
The eyeless seeker
still waiting for the betters

This piece for contribution to Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub
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This piece received the Perfect Poets Award by Jingle Poetry
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