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the button held
like heart on sleeve
each press, a new name spelt

click, turn and leave
view-maskers slide
moment turns on release

finger and heart collide
premature skip
de-pressed the left besides

the pilikia of her ever want

edited clips
make up curved svelte
distracting pearl ellipse

endings withheld
the looped collide
frame by frame cut to shelves

refined applied
the last won’t leave
her button kept upright

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I watched him from afar
he so studious
scribbling notes at the coffee bar

I wondered of thoughts occurred
he so intense
reading until cross eyes blurred

I lingered even though I was done
he so preoccupied
if only his pen I could become

held in his fingers
executing his thoughts
murmuring his words
scratching his paper
filling each line
inking his thesis
only glancing away
to consider his design

I watched him from afar
his bitemarks in my flesh
scribbling notes at the coffee bar

Image by C Rose (April 2012)
Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub